Student Visa Australia

We help international students with the Student Visa Australia Application process. Our service is for free. Registered education agents help you to understand every step to get your visa ASAP.

Australia Student Visa

Free service for prospective international students, who want to apply for an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia.

Registered education agents give advice about the Australian student visa application procedures for the following visa subclasses:

  • ELICOS student visa
  • higher education student visa
  • non-award Student Visa
  • postgraduate research student visa
  • school student visa
  • vocational training student visa.


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Free Study Australia Advice

Free service for prospective international students, who want to apply for an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia.

Registered education agents give advice about the Australian student visa application procedures for the following visa subclasses:

  • ELICOS student visa
  • higher education student visa
  • non-award Student Visa
  • postgraduate research student visa
  • school student visa
  • vocational training student visa.
What we do for you:

  • Free advice for all student enquiries
  • Guidance and help with completing all forms to apply for an Australian student visa
  • Advice on courses bespoke to your needs and requirements 
  • Help before and after your application has been lodged 

What happens next:

We can guide you through the mine field and red tape of applying for an Australian visa wether you are a novice or a veteran. 

Click contact us and provide some basic details and one of our professional agents will be in touch to help answer all your questions.

There are many companies available to help however we will take much of the hassle and explain everything in a way that is simple to understand and all for free.

After you have decided on the course that is right for you we will aid you on selecting the best visa for your requirements and explain all of the costs involved while exploring the country to find the course in the state of your choice.

Getting a suitable Australian student visa is not easy. 

Often, visa applications are cancelled due to lack of documentation or because the forms are not filled-in properly. 

You will be provided with:

  • Information on the type of an Australia student visa you need.
  • Guidelines to apply for an Australia student visa successfully.
  • Documents needed to be certified for the Australia student visa application form.
  • Tips on international student visa fees, healthcare plans for your stay in Australia and admission procedure to education providers in Australia.
  • Visa eligibility assessments to help you know whether you have the basic requirements to get a Student Visa.
  • Suggestions for English language courses, English tests, foundation courses, and pathway studies to get a suitable Student Visa to further studies in Australia.

The Australia student visa is a temporary visa - valid for the duration of your course.

If you are not an Australian citizen, but want to take advantage of the Australian education system, you may apply for a Australian student visa.

Most student visa holders will no longer need to apply separately in Australia for permission to work. Read more about the Australia student visa requirements.

You may be entitled to apply for another temporary visa or even permanent residence before your visa expires. Otherwise when you have completed your studies, you will be required to leave Australia.

Do you want to study in Australia? Most student visas for Australia allow you to bring your family members with you. 

There are more and more international students studying in Australia each year. Australia has some of the best educational institutes in the world, highly qualified teachers, unbeatable facilities, large campuses and a supportive environment.

From high school exchange students to University students the one thing all these students have in common, no matter where they are from and what or where they are studying they will all require a Student Visa.

To apply for a Student Visa you will need:

  1. a confirmation letter proving that you will be undertaking full time study whilst in Australia,
  2. to be of sound health and good character,
  3. to have acceptable health insurance,
  4. have no out standing debt to the Commonwealth of Australia and
  5. if you are under the age of 18 you will need to have a Student Guardian to be with you and have your own accommodation and welfare arranged for you during your stay in Australia.

You must let the Department of Immigration know of any changes to your circumstances whilst in Australia and be sure to leave before your student visa expires. Please remember also you will not be able to work whilst in Australia unless your visa states so. Most international students get a work permit for Australia.

Your application will be based on an Assessment Level, this is a risk level decided upon by what course you are planning on studying and what country you are coming from. As well as ensuring all your Visa application details are correct.

If you abide by all the regulations you should have a fantastic stay whilst in Australia. There is no better place to get a great education.

Australian Student Visa Applications

Below are the instructions from the Australian immigration department in relation to the procedure for applying for your Australian student visa. 

When you lodge your application, make sure that you comply with the Australian immigration law. 

All applications will be assessed and granted based on the information provided by the student. Therefore, it is very important that you include all required documents.

Student Visa Australia FAQ

Australia Student Visa FAQ

Information on Australia student visa requirements, working while studying, extending your stay and changing course or education provider.

Your local AA network counsellor can assist you with student visa applications.

For student visas, the Australian government requires prospective applicants to :

  • Be enrolled in a registered CRICOS course (Your AA network counsellor can advice you on suitable courses!)
  • Meet health requirements (you may be required to undergo a health check).
  • Obtain health insurance Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Have sufficient funds to cover all study and travel related expenses while in Australia (at least AUD$12,000/year for living costs).
  • Meet English language proficiency requirements for their preferred course (IELTS test score may be a means of assessment).
  • Be of good character
  • Have arranged suitable accommodation if they are under 18.
  • For more information about Australian visa requirements, please contact us or alternatively visit the student visa FAQ.

Working in Australia

Can I work in Australia while studying?

You must have a work permit or condition attached to your visa in order to be able to do so.

Can my dependents work in Australia?

There are no restrictions on postgraduate students. 20 hours per week for TAFE and Higher Education students.

How do I get a tax file number and do I need one?

You'll need one for banking and employment purposes. You can get a application form from your education provider or your nearest post office.

Australian student visa FAQ sheet

Can I convert my tourist or business class visa to a student visa while in Australia?

Applicants from assessment level 1 & 2 countries are permitted to do so. For applicants from level 3 & 4, they are also permitted to do so but under special circumstances.

Can I apply for packaged programs?

Yes, all students are permitted to do so.

Does the Australian embassy accept faxed copies of Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)?


Student visa requirements

Do I need to notify anyone about change in address?

For visa labels 8506, notification must be made to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship within 2 working days before moving to new address.
For visa labels 8533, the university must be notified within 7 days of moving to the new address.

Do I need Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

Yes, it is compulsory by law.

Can I change or modify my program after initial enrolment?

Yes, subject to approval from the relevant Head of School or nominee.
If the new course has a longer duration than the initial one, then the student will have to apply for a new visa.

Can I change to another institution within the first 12 months of my program?

This is subject to conditions attached to your visa. DIMA may approve transfers only in exceptional circumstances.

What is a full time program of study?

A full time student takes 18 or more units of study in a term at the time of the census date and 36 or more units in a year at each of the three census dates.

Can I re-enrol in summer/spring school after withdrawing from a course?

No, this is not permitted.

What pace of academic progress is required to to fulfil visa requirements?

The Australian government considers students completing their programs within standard duration to be making satisfactory progress.

What is unsatisfactory progress?

Your education provider has specific guidelines addressing this.

What do I do if I am not happy with my academic progress?

You should contact the Academic Coordinator, Head of School/Faculty or the International Student Support Officer.

Can I extend my student visa in Australia?

This is possible if your current visa has no 'further stay' conditions.

Can I apply for a leave of absence?

International students are not permitted to undertake this option.

If I cancel my program or enrolment, how soon will I have to leave Australia?

28 working days following completion of program.

If I complete my program early, am I entitled to remain in Australia for the duration of my student visa?


After completing my program, can I apply for a tourist visa?

You must check with the immigration department regarding your eligibility.

Can I work full-time?

  • Once you have commenced your study, and after you have been granted work permission, you may work full-time during vacations when your semester is not in session.
  • During session you may work up to 20 hours a week.
  • Family members of Masters and PhD students may apply for unresticted work rights once the primary student has commenced his or her Masters or PhD course. This also applies to AusAid dependants of Masters and PhD students.

When can I travel to Australia and do I need a return ticket?

  • Your student visa can be granted a maximum of 12 weeks (2 months and 3 weeks) before your course commencement date.
  • You may travel to Australia on a one-way ticket if you hold a student visa.

My course was completed on 30 November and my visa expires in March next year - what options do I have ?

  • Do I have to leave Australia within 28 days of my course completion? No. You may remain in Australia until your visa expires or is cancelled. If you plan to remain in Australia you must apply for another course, another visa, or depart Australia after your graduation.
  • I want to travel overseas. When should I make my further student visa application? You need to make your application for a further student visa before your current visa expires and ensure that you comply with all your visa conditions. As a valid student visa allows you multiple travel you can apply either before your departure or when you return to Australia. If your visa is expiring shortly, you may be asked by airport staff on your arrival to Australia to demonstrate your intention to continue studying in Australia. Your confirmation of enrolment or letter of offer or graduation from your education provider should be used to demonstrate this intention.
  • Can I return to Australia after visiting family members overseas and apply for graduate skilled permanent residence? Yes, but you must ensure that you comply with all your visa conditions. You should consider making an application for a Graduate Skilled (subclass 497) visa before you depart Australia, as this visa is most applicable to your situation.

I am resident outside my country of citizenship. Should I apply in my country of residence on in my country of citizenship?

  • You must apply at the office in your country of residence.

I cannot get an appointment to sit an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, but my education provider is satisfied with my level of English. Can I get a visa?

  • No. Where an IELTS test is required (for Assessment Level 3-5 applicants), then you must sit the test before you make your visa application. This is a legislative requirement that cannot be waived.

My passport is expiring soon. How do I transfer my valid student visa to my new passport?

  • Your student visa is linked to your passport. When you get a new passport, you should visit your nearest immigration office, get your information updated and your visa re-evidenced in your new passport.
  • You may also travel to Australia using both passports: the new one which is valid and the old one with your student visa affixed in it, as your student visa is still valid whether the passport has expired or not.

Student Visa Australia Requirements

Student Visa Requirements

Your Australian visa application will be assessed against the following requirements; you will need to meet all of these requirements for a Australian student visa to be issued.

You are of good health

You will be required to undergo medicals prior to a student visa being approved; the type of medicals will depend on your country but usually include a medical examination by a doctor, a chest x-ray and blood tests. Medicals must only be done by a designated panel doctors for your country and must be completed on form that is issued by your nearest Australia immigration office.

You should not go for medicals until you have been issued with the appropriate medicals forms and have been informed of where you should have the examination.
You have an acceptable level of written and spoken English

All students who are assessment level 3 will be required to undergo an English test and the result submitted with their application.

The only English test that is acceptable is the IELTS, English language exam.

The IELTS exam can be sat at your nearest British Council or an IELTS approved examiner.  If you are required to take the English exam you will need to show that you have sat the exam before you lodged your visa application.

(Students who have studied for 5 years or more in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada or South Africa are exempted from sitting IELTS).

You have sufficient funds

When applying for a student visa you will need to show that you have sufficient funds to pay for all of your travel, living and study costs while studying in Australia and funds to support any immediate family (spouse and/or children) even if they will not be travelling with you.

If you would like further information and how to calculate the funds needed please go to How much money do I need?

You have the appropriate pre requisite qualifications for the visa sub class you are applying for. You will need to submit a certified of copy of your High School Certificate (IB, A levels, Higher School Certificate, Matric) or your degree certificate if you are applying to do a Masters or Doctorate course.

Student Visa English Language Requirements

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) testing is no longer the only test that would check the English fluency for international students who have applied for student visas. IELTS being the English testing benchmark in Australia had the monopoly of holding tests for student applying for visas in the country. Jointly owned by IDP and British Council, the students from other countries had to arrange for time, money, and effort to sit for the exam.

Since November, 2011 the situation has changed for the better with other international tests being also recognized for the same. Today, students can sit for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Cambridge English Advanced test, Pearson's PTE Academic test, and many more newly developed tests.

Students to Benefit
The decision to include other tests to check the English learning capacity of the international students by Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has benefited students, especially those who want to migrate from India, China, and South East Asian countries. More testing places have been created apart from the IELTS centers. With inclusion of more testing hubs, the competition in the testing market is also expected to increase. This would consequently make the tests more qualitative.

The students would get a choice to select the testing place, avail results quickly, and thus, get their visa applications reviewed promptly. Students, especially from non-English speaking countries could sit for tests readily available in their country, such as TOEFL.

Boost in the Testing Market
Today, because of the open testing market policy, new English testing companies are coming up. The government has introduced the equivalency scores that would allow students to be ranked under a common benchmark. The existing language testing units have also opened new centers at various locations in non-English speaking countries, where major chunk of international students move in to Australia each year on a student visa.

Strategy to Rope in Better Students

IELTS would still remain the official language testing unit for visa formalities. The slow progress of student visa applications has led to this change. With less time in getting student visas and convenient testing units, Australian education sector has seen an influx in the rate of international students, especially those planning short-term job-oriented courses and projects related to research and development.

Conditions of your Australian Student Visa


  • Enrolment in a CRICOS registered course
  • Satisfactory course progress and attendance.
  • The main course of study matches your Student Visa.
  • Sufficient financial capacity to support your stay in Australia.
  • Notify your School within seven days of any change to your contact details, including home address, mobile number and email address.
  • Do not work more than 40 hours per fortnight during course semesters.
  • Health insurance cover for the entirety of your stay in Australia.
  • Adequate schooling arrangements for any school-age dependents who joined you in Australia on a student dependent visa for more than three months.
  • Adequate arrangement for your accommodation, support and general welfare for the duration of your stay in Australia - if you are under 18.

Student Visa Regulations

The Australian Government has strict visa regulations for International students. As an international student in Australia you must comply with the regulations or your visa will be cancelled, and you will have to return home.

To ensure visa compliance, you must:

  • Maintain full time enrolment.
  • Remain enrolled in a registered course.
  • Attend at least 80% of your classes.
  • Achieve a satisfactory academic result.
  • Not repeat a course more than once.
  • Have a work permit, before gaining employment.
  • Have adequate arrangements for health insurance whilst in Australia.
  • Not be involved in activities that are disruptive to the Australian Community (ie breaking the Australian Law).

Suspension or termination of your enrolment will affect your student attendance record and academic performance, which will result in the cancellation of your visa.

To avoid being deported you must comply with the conditions on your visa. There may be special requirements for those studying on a scholarship, read and understand all these conditions to avoid deportation. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) handles everything in regards to student visas, if there are any enquiries then you will need to contact them.

These conditions will be set out in the letter of approval that you would have received with your visa and/or on the visa label. Conditions of the visas may include maximum weekly hours worked, how long you are able to stay in Australia, etc. Be prepared to face deportation if you breach these conditions.

Sometimes circumstances change, for example the course you are studying or you want to stay longer, then you will need to get advice from the nearest DIAC office before your visa expires. They will advice you on your options and your next course of action. Failure to change your visa before it expires will cause you to be deported and you may not be allowed back into the country for three years.

Permanent Residency

If you complete an award course such as a Diploma, Degree or post graduate studies, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Get your Australia visa

Anyone who is not an Australian resident may apply for an Australia visa to study in Australia under the OSP-Australian government's overseas student program which is open to all international residents who want to study abroad in Australia and are not permanently domiciled in Australia.

An Australian student visa is required before undertaking this program in Australia.

For more information about study in Australia visit the Study in Australia Website for international students.

Please note: A student visa can only be granted on admission to a registered course or part of a registered course on a full-time basis.

Moving to Australia 

When moving to Australia, you must consider many things to ensure that you don’t fall into trouble in an alien country. It is important to assess the time you are planning to stay in Australia. 

For short term duration, you may leave out some factors. But when moving in for a longer duration, especially with your family, you must consider some essential factors. 

Visa procurement is a tedious groundwork which you must accomplish at your home country. Other factors which should be included in your checklist are:

  • Arrival norms, such as:
  1. Quarantine formalities
  2. Currency management
  3. Banking options
  4. Customs and regulations
  5. Permits for carrying certain items
  • Staying in Australia: such as:
  1. Accommodation
  2. Financial security
  3. Job prospect or study option
  4. Valid visa extension
  5. A secured and happy life

Many people on a Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work and Holiday Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Business Visa, and few more arrive in Australia each year. We help you to manage the aforesaid factors if you have made up your mind to move to Australia.

Guardians & Parents 

If you are under 18 years of age, and planning to come to Australia from your home country to study, you need not come all alone. The Australian government allows parents, legal custodian, or relative to accompany the child to Australia. 

And, those who fall under these criteria will be given a Student Guardian Visa. To get the visa, the visa holder must be:

  1. Related to the student
  2. Over 21 years of age
  3. Possessing character and health certificates
  4. Financially strong

But note that the Student Guardian visa holders must follow certain rules to retain the visa, such as:

  1. Not work full time anywhere.
  2. Not study for more than three months.
  3. Not apply for any other Australian visa – some conditions apply though.
  4. Live with the student who has nominated the holder to be the guardian in Australia.
  5. Maintain an approved heath cover that is meant for foreign visitors.
  6. Meet requirements of the student.
  7. Leave Australia only with the student or make arrangements for proper accommodation of the minor.

AA Education Network offers tips and advice to help you get your Student Guardian visa. Write to our counsellors for queries.

Study in New Zealand

Pleasant climate, friendly community, and caring laws have made New Zealand an ideal destination for international students. Students from all countries come over each year to study abroad in New Zealand in schools, colleges, universities, polytechnics, and English language schools. You can study:

  1. English Language courses
  2. Foundation Studies
  3. Undergraduate Studies
  4. Degree Studies
  5. Postgraduate Studies
  6. Research Works
  7. MBA Degrees

Some common reasons why students choose New Zealand institutes are:

  1. Hands-on learning in universities and polytechnics. In fact, you must complete an internship program in order to get a degree in a university or a college.
  2. Higher education in New Zealand known globally as one of the prestigious learning option.
  3. Pioneering research work in technology, biochemistry, and creative arts done each year.
  4. Scholarships provided to meritorious students for their studies.
  5. Outdoor education as an entertaining part in many vocational institutes and English learning schools in New Zealand.

AA Education Network provides support services to international students. It takes care of your visa requirements, accommodation facilities, arrival and settlement in the country. It also offers student counselling sessions where student counsellors advice you about the course that is just right for you and where you can study in the country.

Australian Student Visas - What Are The Options?

You can apply for a range of visas, depending upon your desired study  options. These are as follows:

  • English Language Intensive for Overseas Students (ElICOS)
  • Primary or secondary school education
  • Vocational education training (VET) at the diploma, advanced diploma or the vocational graduate certificate and diploma levels
  • Research Masters and Doctoral degrees
  • AUSAid and Department of Defence full-time studies
  • Professional Development

An AA Education Network counsellor will assist you in deciding on the most 
appropriate visa to apply for. Contact us today for more information.

Guardian Visas

For students under the age of 18 years and, in some special cases, over 18, their parent, relative or guardian can apply for a visa to accompany the student while they study in Australia. AA Education Network can give you the information you need to apply for this type of visa.

Am I Allowed to Work While I Study?

Since April most people granted student visas are automatically granted  the right to work while studying in Australia. There are a few exceptions, but  give you the information you need to find out if you can work while in 
Australia as a student.

For more information on such matters as bringing a family member to Australia while you study, changing your course of study or your education provider, extending your stay, and any English language requirements attached to a 
visa, contact AA Education Network today and one of our counsellors will give you all the assistance you need in answering these questions.

How Do I Apply?

Contact AA Education Network today to discuss your study options. One of our counsellors will be happy to assist you with choosing a course of study and a provider, applying for your visa and your course, and planning and preparing for your travel to Australia as a student.

Student Visa's for international High School students in Australia

Australia is a country which must be visited at least once in a lifetime for you to truly appreciate the wonders that lie on the such diverse soil. What an amazing opportunity it would be as a high school student to either come and stay in Australia to study as an exchange student or with family living in Australia.

This is why the Australian government offer Primary and Secondary School Student Visa's to eligible students. Australian schooling is split into two sectors with privately run schools and the public government run schools. There is a range of different educational and schooling options which i'm sure will meet each students needs.

When applying for the student visa you must meet certain visa requirements these include, being enrolled in a registered course, have adequate English language skills, have the financial capability to fund for yourself during your stay in Australia, have over seas health insurance during your stay in Australia, and if your are under eighteen you will require your parents and guardians permission as well as arrangements for your accommodation and welfare during your stay in Australia.

Many Australian High Schools offer student exchange and home stay programs, placing the student in the housing and care of a Australian government approved family. For a more convenient and cost effective option.

Your acception for a student visa will be based on an assessment program which the Department of Immigration runs, this will be based on a risk level which is determined on where you are from and what you are studying.

You are also eligible to work for 20 hours a week once you have commenced your study.

Please remember your student visa is for temporary stay, and you will require a valid passport for travel into Australia. Get help with your application!

Australia Student Visa Extension

All foreigners must apply for their visa renewal or extension if they intend to stay longer in Australia. Severe penalties will be levied against those who do not renew their visas at the right time.

Immigration Counsellors are at Service for International Students who find it Hard to Renew Student Visas
A Student Visa is sanctioned by the DIAC for certain duration – that is roughly till the end of the course for which the visa application was filed by the student. It is best to renew the visa before the visa expires if the student wants to continue staying in Australia.

However, amid exams and project works, the last minute job of renewing the visa becomes a near impossible task. AA Education Network counsellors offer free visa renewal service to ensure that international students get their Student Visa renewed or have another visa issued in case they plan to do something else in Australia.

When to Seek Help
All international students must either leave Australia before the Student Visa expires or lodge a new visa application. Lodging new visa can be either a renewal of the previous visa or extension of the visa to another type– say, Post-Study Work Visa.

So, contact our counsellors before your visa term is over. In case, you have not done that as yet, you can contact the immigration department instantly to get your visa renewed.

Visa applications lodged after 28 days of the termination of the visa are not entertained and likely to be rejected by the DIAC. Not only you lose your visa renewal opportunity, you are also penalized and barred from entering Australia for the next 3 years.

How We Help to Renew Visa
Before you face the penalty and deported back to your home country, consult us. Our education counsellors help in renewing the Student Visa by:

  • Providing you with information on visa renewal
  • Preparing your visa application
  • Assisting you with medical checkups with necessary
  • Helping you with renewal documents, such as OSHC

How We Help to Extend Visa
International students attending assessment of their PhD research work or convocation often extend their existing visa. Others in the list are those who are looking for options to start work under Post-Study Work Visa or those who want to become permanent residence through General Skilled Migration (GSM) category.

We help you to:

  • Ascertain whether your visa is under the 'Further Stay Restricted’ condition or not
  • Get the right visa after your present Student visa expires.

...The services are the same as those for lodging the new visa.

Write to our educational agents to help you with your visa renewal or extensio

Pre-Assessment Letter

If you are being assessed under Assessment Level 3 you may have been told to apply for Pre Visa Assessment (PVA) from your Australian education institution.

In order for you to be issued with a PVA letter you will need to lodge your student Australia visa application, your visa should be lodged with a letter of offer from the college in Australia or Australia university where you will be studying.

Your student visa application will be assessed, if all the correct documents have been received and the assessment is favourable, you will be issued with a PVA letter.

The original of this letter should be sent to your education provider (the university or college in Australia where you will be studying) to enable them to issue you with your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE), at this stage you will probably be required to pay some of your fees and OSCH (health cover) premium.

With a first-class education system, affordable cost of living and friendly people, it is no wonder Australia attracts its fair share of international students.

If the course of interest is longer than three months, however, it is necessary to, first, obtain the correct Australian student visa from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Along with opening the doors to a quality education, obtaining an Australian student visa also has additional advantages.

Individuals in Australia on a student visa:

  • Are entitled to study for a period longer than three months
  • Are eligible to work part-time
  • Are entitled to subsidized student health coverage

Additionally, students are entitled to apply to work full-time during breaks in the school year.  Family members who are interested in joining the student in Australia may also be eligible to obtain a visa; full details can be obtained from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Prior to obtaining a student visa one must first be accepted into a full-time Australian educational institution, and have received their Confirmation of Enrollment. 

Australia Visa

Most critically when travelling to Australia to study, your immigration documents including your current passport & work visa application documents must be presented upon your arrival. This ensures that you are eligible to study & live in Australia for the duration of the granted visa period. The major capital cities have on offer excellent education facilities aswell as a high standard of accommodation.

You will also find immigration consulate offices within easy reach & public transport services abound. There are many opportunities for travelling students in Australia, & there are plenty of opportunities for work while you study. For information about immigration & visa criteria, & study visa eligibility, contact us.

Student Visa Australia Refusal

Australian Student Visa Refusal


A visa is an authorization from the government that a person can reside in a certain country for specific purposes. Visas are mandatory for foreigners who are studying in Australia. Sadly, visa are not rights but privileges, much as the Australia government is bound to treat everyone equal but the granting of a visa is at its discretion.

TAFE South Australia is ready to aid foreign students’ access their visas but there are regulations involved. This is according to the structure laid out by the government since it is mainly involved in control of these institutions. Failure to comply by the rules may result to a denial.

Students in any government institution are required to attend at least 80% of their classes. Failure to do so might cost one their visa. Visas may also be denied to a student who keeps on changing courses from time to time. This shows that the student lacks consistency, thus putting to doubt his intentions of studying.

A Australia Student Visa approval may be ruled out in TAFE if a student goes through a course more than once or when they work illegally in the country. Students in most westernized countries are allowed to work 20 hours a week and 40 hours during holidays. Visas granted are conditional subject to one attending classes, not exceeding the hours allowed to work and satisfactory progress been made among other conditions. Violation of these rules would result to a visa cancellation.

Australian visas are not easy to come by given the demand worldwide and very few people get this opportunity to live, work and study in Australia.

Australian Student Visa Refusal Reasons

A Student Visa is granted or refused by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) on certain grounds after an international student applies for a visa.

Student Visa Rejection: A Disappointing Situation that Should Not Happen to You
Visa application form must be filled in properly, required documents must be attached, and submitted in due time with the visa application fee to DIAC.

Visa Rejection
Many unfortunate students get a regret mail stating that their visa has been rejected by the immigration authority. A possible reason is also mentioned by the authorities. Time, effort, and money are lost. Moreover, the students may find it hard to get their career back in shape.

Let this not happen to you. Seek advice and help from our certified education counsellors to post a complete filled-up form.

Top 10 Possible Reasons why Visa Applications are cancelled
When the immigration authorities find out that the visa application does not meet stipulated conditions, it cancels or rejects the application. There can be more than one reason for such rejection. Some reasons are as follows:

Visa application does not support...
Financial requirements as stated in the list of conditions.

  • Financial credibility to support tuition expenses and living expenses.
  • Proof of funds must be shown as well.

English language fluency

  • The English-as-Second-Language (ESL) students must qualify for IELTS or equivalent test and get the required score and prove their proficiency in the language.

Academic qualification.

  • Students must successfully complete the required level to study further in Australia.

Validity of the documents attached to the application.

  • Fraudulent documents will be rejected. Complete list of documents must be attached as per visa checklist as well.
  • Statement of Purpose and Financial Declaration letter must be attached.

Genuine Temporary Entrant conditions of the student.

  • The DIAC must understand that the student is visiting Australia with the sole purpose to study at a university and not for entering Australia to settle.
  • Study record, immigration history, reason to study a particular course, and many more factors are assessed.

Admissions to any certified education provider in Australia.

  • Students must pay tuition fees to get Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from an institute.

Adequate preparation for the embassy interview.

  • Reasons must be firmly stated for visiting Australia. Future career option may also be asked during the interview. Preparation is a must to get approved from visa officials.

Particular Student Visa sub-class.

  • A change in the sub-class can help students get their visa. However, the student needs to apply again.

Proper arrangement of the documents

  • Documents must certify the information stated in the form.

Australia Student Visa Fraud


Visa applications by international students wanting to live and study in Australia are being subjected to closer checking in a bid to stamp out fraudulent applications.
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced plans to strengthen checks on student visa applications to stamp out fraud and ensure students are able to support themselves financially when living and studying in Australia.

The Minister said while the majority of student visa applications complied with requirements, there are elements of concern about the large number of fraudulent applications.

The new measures will target document fraud, as well as the ability of students to support themselves financially, identification and bona fides in some parts of the student caseload.
The measures implemented with immediate effect include:

  • Upgrading the interview program to identify fraudulent applications.
  • Removing or restricting eVisa access for some agents where there is evidence of fraud.
  • Restricting access to eVisa for applications from some countries if analysis demonstrates restricted access would allow for better control of fraud.

The measures will focus on student visa applications from India, Mauritius, Nepal, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

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